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"Spencer Halpin's: Moral Kombat is perhaps the most important film ever made
about video games." – Professor Henry Jenkins, Director, Comparative Media Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Articles: part one and part two.

"Anyone with an interest in the topic should enjoy the film." – Dennis McCauley, Editor-in-Chief, Coverage here.

"[Moral Kombat] does an excellent job of evenly presenting both sides of the debate in a format that is visually interesting without being sensationalistic, regardless of accusations of such." – Christophor Rick, Articles: here and here

"It seamlessly blends together the history of the medium, highlighting the colors and textures of early videogames, the controversy-sparking 16-bit era, and the graphical sophistication of the modern platforms... The film is a visual treat from first frame to last..." – Danny Ledonne, Filmmaker, Playing Columbine. Articles: here and here.